Pals Needing Pawcircle - Send good thoughts their way


We gather here in paw in paw, paw in hand.
Sending good thoughts to those named and unnamed.
Wishing all well. 

A healing place for Anipals and their friends who need our good thoughts.

Please think good thoughts for our pals, who have an been ill for some time, or have a serious illness, but still trying to live their lives to the fullest.

  Cat family,
  Ripley and Ollie

Our friends here could use some extra good thoughts to feel better.

Maci, Hercules,
  's Sooty, Pepsi, Momo, Simba,
Dexter, Tommy, Mom
Gpa, Gpa ,
spike, Tristan
  MrJinx and Ping
  All kitties in their care,
mom,  Pearl,

Finnegan  Annie,
Henry+Buddy and mom,
Dad, mom, Rocky, Minerva, Mom&Izzy
Tilley, ,  , Lola&Granny
CC,Gma&Murph, mom, ,
  Minty, Tuxie’s mom
Pasho, Lewis, Charlie+Smokie,
Gma, , mum, , Milton

  Pizz,  pal Cassius
+Mum, Cyndi, Maggie+mom, pal Zeebu, Mom
Mum, +Mom,   Creemie, , Max,  Ruby, , Meika, David
&family, mom, Nigel,
 @Sallyjainw Fifi ,
  , Barney, gp Kali
+Bruv Staff2 Simsong, Henry, Shasta, Patches
Granite, JB,  ,
  mom, Bertie
Herz, CJ’sMom, BC,
mom, Nellie, Maddie,
  BT Barney
Gpa, Kingston, Ruben’s mum, mami , Pizazz&Cosmo
Cricket, Cyndi, MrFox, Charlie, Mom
Dempsey+Priest, Bryher, , Cocoa, Sari-Pi,
Sheila, Gma,  Ellie,
Rudy, , HRH, ,
  Everitt, Little Jack
pixie’s mom, Molly,  sisJerry
M+D, +Anya, Charles,  
mom,   MrD, Wrigley, Max, , , Gpa

Our anipal friends have typists, humans, mums and dads that sometimes need a pawcircle .
Please think good thoughts for them too.

@TweetyPie54 Sheila,
Mom, manhuman, mumstaff, 
@HRMeownessWills Mom, @RiverWhimsie Grandma, Gpa, and Dad
@DivaLouLou Mum,
Dad, dad,
  Ray, Aunties,   mom,
     hooman Grandpa, mum, dad+gmum Audrey,
Grandma and mom, 
please send HealingEnergy to all

Wouldn't it be great if both @TonyTiger2000 and @LucyLiberte could go live at @PAWSark2000 ?


May all who are lost, be found. May all who are ill, be well. May all in harms way, be saved.
May all without homes, be loved.


  1. Been following all your tweets!

    Such good work you are doing for our furiends in need! Paws together, prayin!

  2. Prayers for all... Sue & Pippin (@angelicinsights)

  3. Hi Dana, Pixel here. I just wanted to thank you for all the love you give and all the paw circle prayers you encourage and share. You are very much appreciated by many, and I just wanted to make sure you knew that.
    I also wanted to let you know that my Uncle Happydog, who had surgery about a week or so ago, and I had asked for #pawcircle of prayers for him, is doing very well and actually thinks he is all healed, even though he is still bandaged up a bit and full of stitches. That is a wienie dog heart for you!
    Take care and I hope we can be friends. I am following your blog now. Come check mine out sometime. I bring lots of smiles!
    Love Pixel

  4. I am here now..and just emcompassed with all the love and care here in this blog. I know so many of mine and Admiral's Pals and it is a comfort to be here.

  5. A lovely blog, it bring home to us that we are all in need of love and comfort and sometimes everyone needs a #pawcircle
    From @diamondbertie 's ghost writer

  6. I still feel just as blessed to have this precious blog and #Pawcircle.

  7. Diamondbertie s family want to thank you for #pawcircle

  8. lovely thoughts to wonderful anipals

  9. I am happy to be here and thank you so much for including my favorite brother who is battling a very tough illness. xoxox

  10. Please send your prayers for my beloved IttyBitty who i rescued 18 yrs ago and he has been with me thru all of my illness and sorrows and has made each day easier by sharing with me his undying love and wonderfulness.Always a friend to everyone. ,a one of a kind kitty. If he was human he would be the perfect husband ,I always tell my friends. Thank you for this heart felt kindness.

  11. Sending Reiki light and healing to all these wonderful beings, the beloved pets, and to their families

  12. Thank you for your kindness dear pals I don't think I could have gone through much of the medical and other hardships we faced for the past couple of years with out your tremendous support LOve you all!

  13. Continuing prayers, pawprayers & good thoughts for all the anipals in need!

  14. Thanks for all the Positive Tweets regarding our canine friends. I lost one of my best friends, who was a Boxer two years back by a hit and run and I am still recovering from the shock. God bless for people like you and sites like that exists to support dog lovers all around the world.

  15. This is an amazing blog. Thank you so much for all your hard work, keeping us posted on our friends who are in need of prayers and emotional support.

  16. Here's a #healingpaw for all those who are struggling! #dog and #cat happy thoughts are with you NOW! From: (@78ruger)

  17. I love this blog and Dana, thank you. I occasionally tweet your wonderful prayer for the babies and will do so again today. xxoo

  18. How do I get a copy of this wonderful blog?

  19. Thank you for creating a beautiful blog and healing sanctuary for our precious guardians who share so much of their shortened lives with us. Great job.

  20. Pawcircle thank you for all that you do it sure helps us humans to be able to cope

  21. Pawcircle thank you for all that you do it sure helps us humans to be able to cope

  22. Sending healing prayers and huggles!

  23. This is a wonderful beautiful thing.... Brining hope to those who need support please keep FOREST in your prayers. She needs Gods help and all your prayers xxxxx

  24. Sending purrs and love and hugs to all who need it.
    Moet and mum

  25. We want to send #healingpurrs, #pawhugs, and #gentlekisses to all in need. May the good Lord watch over you all and heal you in your time of need.

    Rufus, Red, Boo Boo, Toodles, Rudy, and momma Kelley (@My_Cool_Pets)