Our pals who are in need of some help

Hi everyone, we all need a little assistance now and then and for our friends here now is the time.
Please read these and think about helping them in some way. Whether by donating, tweeting the links, or putting the widget on your blog.
Please scroll through to the bottom to make sure you see them all.
Thank you everyone!

family needs help. Pls read pls help

and family need our help! URGENT! Please read and share

pls read/share/help if you can https://www.gofundme.com/26suekc 

@TamecaCitygal44 Mollie has Luxating Patella issues, needs surgery..please Read/help if possible.
http://gofundme.com/qbfee7k  TY

PLS help @TXHorseRescue in desperate need of hay! Any and all donations appreciated. beckyshope.com
dogs need our help  

Kitty Angel @Angel_Silva15 was attacked by a dog and needs our help.
 please read/share/help if you can.

Help for Callie @catgirl321 http://www.gofundme.com/helpforcallie?pc=14_tw_1 via @gofundme

please read/ help if you can. Cat rescue needs help. 2 major surgeries for Happy+Batley RT

 Any and all help given to those above is very much appreciated by those needing it. 
Thank you

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