Letting Go poem

Friends, I would like to share a poem that our pal @Puzmitts Bucky shared with me. It was written by Sheila Smith and posted on the Shadow Cats Rescue. I hope you read this very moving poem and also visit the Shadow Cats website.

Shadow Cats is a rescue dedicated to the care of our current resident population of ill, immune compromised, injured and senior cats. We are not a shelter and do not accept animals for surrender or adoption. We promote Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) as the most humane and effective means to control the community cat population.


The Promise

Please don't see me like this
This is not me
Unchain me from this misery
Free me from this indignity

I know this pains you so
But remember the promise to me
This burdens your heart I know
But I beg you, set me free

I am struggling so hard
To spread these new Angel wings
Release me from this prison
This earthly body clings

I need your help, I really do
My mortal shell won’t let me go
I need you to keep
The promise you made long ago

The time is here, it’s upon us
As I lie here, fevered brow
Waiting for your steady hand
Each breath has its price now

I am crossing to another plane
I understand your loving words
But other arms wait to hold me
And other voices are heard

Remember the promises once whispered
Heartbreak at the end
That with this love a price extracted
I only hope you would do it o'r again

So now as I wait this final gift
No sorrow now, just sweet release
I pray you know it’s what is best
Beautiful, soothing, tranquil peace.


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