Handmade Memorial Candles

These lovely candles are handmade by @VincentRocket 's mom.
The candles are handmade and the image is painted from a photograph.
This is such a lovely gesture for pals who have gone OTRB.
Something lovely to commemorate your own furbaby or to give as a gift
to someone you know who has lost a dear pet.

please click on this image to go directly to the page to order
 This is Slipper, a dear pal of Vincent's.

Sweet Samson

Close up of painting

Candle with kitties...Lovely!

@3PhiBotticelli candle

@peemail Bobby candle
@samthewatcher Candle


These candles can be made for any occasion, not just OTRB.


  1. Oh my goodness, these are beeyootiful .. such a lufferly memento of our beloved pals, to be treasured forver