Candle Page

 SAD NEWS!! has closed all the Candle Groups.
But our sweet pal @MissSunnyMind found another site and recreated some of the candles.
Please check it out here


Often when one of our pals makes the journey Over The Rainbow Bridge
a Candle Group is started on the Gratefulness site

Here are some of those candles. 
Please feel free to light a candle for our friends who have gone before us.
Keep their memories close to your heart so it may bring you comfort.

(please note: the candles only last 48 hours... so please come back and light another. And while you are here think about lighting one for a pal whose page has no lit candles)

GroupSimon @RhyminSimonGR

Group Pop @Justanothertrnd Hurley's Pop

Group CJ @PantherQueen

Group Grey @ChrisGroove1 furbro Grey

Group Felix @Catgirl321

Group KatiL @Katiepops_L

Group Clyde @DearClyde

Group Tammy @iamtammycat

Group Joerg @jazzmancat

Group MILO @BonBonjorge

Group Patti   @ptinkey

Group Smit @iamsmittykitty

Group L0LA @DrHornetBupp

Group SAL @Salvatoredacat

Group Lola @MillyMopMoo

Group Siddy @SidTheCatahoula

Group Caine @GamesABogie

Group Toby @peemail

Group Tiger @MarieTheTabby grandson

Group SunKi (sunny) @KimVanspauwen

Group Angus @angusmacferret

Group KIRIN (& Fizgig) @KylieKats

Group Morris @morriscat

Group Pulce @Brici161

Group Nike @NikePurrfektCat

Group BearS @Snugglelicious

Group Shdow @AbbyDawgBlog

Group Diesl @BlueSkinnyDog

Group Marbl @SantinaKitteh

Group Ingrd @nocrybabydogs Ingrid

Group Graci @Manxmnews

Group Zeke @NoahzBark

Group Sarah @wurzel260654

Group Bulet @catcookghes

Group Bode @4CatsStrapski

Group Black @PatchyMeow sisfur Blackie

Group Boom @Dorkasaurus kitty Boomer

Group B0BBY @peemail

Group Jane @JessieJaney

Group SamW @SamTheWatcher

Group Kodo @KodoCat

Group 3Phi @3PhiBotticelli

Group Puma @PumaKingCat (brofur of @MissSunnyMind )

Group Razor @Greytfriend

Group Jack4  @Jack4Presidente

Group SCake @SisPurrCake

Group Kokmo @BchesSandy

Group Samsn @Samson257

Group CS @spike_cat sisfur @CassiePurrs

Group Mini @GeorgeTheDuck HMBC

Group Tussi @Echo_Indigo

Group SlipT @SlippahT

Group Puss @Mr_Puss_n_Boots

Group Badge @PiggusBiggus

Group Puggn @PookyPuggin

Group Dash @DashKitten @Whskr

Group Rusty @RustyLinda

Group Macca @CattleDogBart

Group Poppy @Poppy_dog

GroupSlick @BZTAT

Group Caspr @CaNamedFreddy

GroupNutty  @HutchAGoodLife

Group BBsam @BeagleBoySam

Group Pickl @PickleMagnet

Group Smok8 @Smokey8

GroupGeorg @AJAE33

Group Bear @BearBearD

Group Rocco @KimberleyTBrown

Group Abbys @Manxmnews

Group Molls @WestieDoggy

Group Piglt  @GreyPigletKitty

Group Livvy @LivvyOldCat

Group Dusty @Msanymous

Group Neo

Group Ryker @LovePookieCat

Group #WLF #WLF10thBattalion

Group Fester @LeighButler3

Group Ted @RealJoanneK

Group AvaB @AvaBobaba

Group Musty  @ChutneySupercat Musty

Group Ewok @MuffTheSqueaky Ewok

Group Z1nn1 @zinni426

Group Chase @DaneRay

Group SirB @SirBarley

Group Pooh @jdPoohBear

Group Bosco @BigManLittleBoy Bosco

Group Panti @HF_Fulvia Pantoufle

Group Buddy @BuddyRabbit

Group DeafL @Deaf_Lottie

Group Rass  @Rassieboi

Group Posse @MarleyTerrier

Group FD @FrugalDougal

Group EmDIB @EmmyDIB Emmy, and all the pups that have gone before

If there is a candle you would like added here, please let me know.


  1. Thank you for this kind, caring and loving place for the memory of our furbabies. xox

  2. Thank you for adding Shorty [Spooky] candle to your blog It means so very much to me & Shorty

  3. Fanks Auntee Dana for dis lublee site. Yoo always do such wunnerful fings for all Anipals. I gonny miss Shadow Whiskers berry much cuz he wuz a nice kitty and berry frenlee to me. He wuz berry speshull to some of us hoo knew him. Wish he dint hab to leeb us but he sed he wuz older kitty. So glad I gotz to know him 'fore he leeb. Tinkie Weed here and noo Pawfleet cadet.

  4. Thank you so much for Emmy's candle. It is for Emmy and all the others OTRB from here. Harry, Pebbles. Friday's boy, Tequila, Bonnie, Hope, and all those without names that died too soon.

  5. I'd like to see more friends lighting these beautiful candles, they seem so magical and real! I am sure it means so much to the families to see them lit. This is just wonderful! :O) (playboydoggydog) God bless every anipal, here and OTRB. NEVER forgotten, loved forever.

  6. Thank you Dana for all you do. The candle lighting is such a touching gesture. -Chrissy & Kitties @ petstatus

  7. Thank you Dana for including our sweet boy Bosco in the group. We light candles for him and appreciate so much seeing the other candles lit by our pals. xoxoxo - Suzanne @BigManLittleBoy

  8. I'm sure I speak for others when I say that your kind words and thoughtful actions are very much appreciated. Can we please add a candle for Casper?

    1. I am so sorry... for some reason I am not getting notified when comments are left, and just now saw this. Please let me know the @ for Casper and I will add him. Again, my apologies for my tardiness....

  9. Looking for Abby's candles so I can light one. @Manxmnews. *sob*

  10. How do u add a candle from an iPhone?

  11. There is a RB Candle Memorial Worldwide Every Monday. It's a beautiful way to honor your Angel you don't have to join RB. Whether it's been in the past or recent it's wonderful to honor your Rainbow Bridge Angel

  12. Though they be on the other side of the Stars Love is Forever and when your pain eases may the Joy of all the Love and Memories shine on in your heart. Feel Free to
    right click on pic and choose save pic as...

  13. Thanks for giving us a safe, quiet place to come reflect on our beloved pets that have crossed over that beautiful Rainbow bridge. I have lost so many and my heart aches. My beloved Cat - Pufi, a Siamese passed over in 1992 and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. There will never ever be another cat like her. My first love is and always will be dogs, but Pufi was special. I have her ashes and I am going to be cremated as well and we will be joined together in death as well as life. Mommy is coming home Pufi. I love you and miss you more than you ever can know. I loved you for the 19 years that I had you here and you are all that I can think of anymore. My sweet, sweet little girl. Keep smiling for Mommy. I love you babygirl.

  14. Thank you Dana for all you do for the kitties and woofies. You are our guardian angel and work so very very hard for us. We just love you.

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