Friday, November 24, 2017

Please have a look at @Bonniedawestie 's site
 The Fureverbook
Bonnie is very active in giving pals comfort when 
a dear furbaby
has made their journey OTRB.

Welcome to the pawcircle blog.

we hope you will visit all the tabs, we have lists of those pals needing our good thoughts as well as some poetry from friends.

Please see tab 'Pals needing Pawcircle' for those in need of our good thoughts.

It has been shown that when we all send our good thoughts to our pals it truly helps them, they can feel the love and good thoughts sent their way. Please join us....

Healing thoughts and #pawprayers for all anipals in need.
May you all be happy and healthy. May you be loved and have forever homes.


May all who are lost, be found. May all who are ill, be well.

May all in harms way, be saved. May all without homes, be loved.

Please see tab 'Our pals in need of some help' to see how to help some of our friends who are having difficulties at this time. Thanks, they need it. Plus it's good karma

Friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge

RB video

For all animals known and unknown, who have gone to the RB.
Know they are safe, at peace, loved by all and missed dearly.

A special Thank You to @OsacrTheCat @ChatteMuse @_bill_the_cat @Samthecatrocks @puzthecat @Pepismartdog who help ease the pain for us here and make the journey easier for our friends going to the Rainbow Bridge.

List of links to help with pet loss

lightning strike pet loss support

comfort for grieving animal lovers

pet loss

association for pet loss

recover from grief

hospice care

tara prayer request

To all in the Pawcircle

With that oh so empty hole in your heart, remember, they are in every ray of sun, every breeze that blows, every drop of rain. We will never forget them, or you, in Pawcircle.
Love will never die and we stand with with you and each other.
Be well. Heal. You are loved.
(via @tombshopmom)